Learn How Your Company Can Achieve Hyper Growth By Using OKR


This book explains the 7 poorly understood problems that can hinder company growth. These are:

  • Poor communication of company goals
  • Poor alignment of employee efforts
  • Non-outcome oriented work ethic
  • Failure by managers to coach their staff
  • Infrequent focus on goals
  • Poor employee recognition
  • Lack of transparency in the organization

The book describes how implementing an Objectives and Key Results methodology (OKR) in conjunction with transparent conversations, feedback and recognition (CFR) can address ALL of these issues and set your organization onto a trajectory of explosive growth.


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Before using Workteam, CXOs had limited visibility into what was going on in the teams. Now, with Workteam our staff align everything they do with company goals, staff activities are transparent and everyone is working much more efficiently.

Tasi Gottschlag

COO, Keela




Simon Bates, CEO, Workteam

Simon has a long history of founding and growing startups. He was previously co-founder and CEO of Byte Squared, provider of a popular MS Office compatible document editing app for the iPhone and one of the earliest vendors on the Apple App Store. The company accumulated over 12 million users and was acquired by Citrix in 2013.